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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Futon- Fabulousity

WHAT??????????!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure that by the title of this post you are perplexed as to what I could possibly be writing about...... well it is simple..... This post is all about problem solving, all about simple solutions, all about peaceful afternoons, all about rested children and all about a happy mommy! :)

My girls share a room and it works out wonderfully..... (for the most part.) Up until a couple months ago, Anna has taken a morning and an afternoon nap. Usually by her second nap (around 2:00) Rebekah would be ready for a little siesta as well and they would nap together.( I know this sounds like a fantasy, but it's true.) Thus has been the situation for the last year. I know I am living in a utopia to think that this would work forever, alas my dream world came to a halt when Anna simply STOPPED taking morning naps! She now is ready for a nap around 12 and 4- year- old, Rebekah is still wide awake. To save all the details, I will just say that NO-ONE was getting a nap! They needed to be separated. So I sought a solution. What would work? ....... I thought of Rebekah "resting" in my room, however, my room is the mecca of our house. I do EVERYTHING in there from emails to laundry and I couldn't deal with losing that for 2 hours a day.  What about Bekah laying on the couch during "quiet time"..... again not the best solution as she is easily entertained and distracted and finds the living room to be somewhat of an imaginary playground. No! There had to be a better way! ( This is a lot of drama..... considering the outcome...... I digress...................)

So anyways....... with the exception of the bathrooms and kitchen there is only one other room in our house to use for Mommy's........ I mean REBEKAH'S rest time. We have used our 3rd bedroom as a playroom and it has been wonderful to just shut the door on toys and chaos. I decided a FUTON was the solution! Yes! So I looked online to confirm that what I had pictured in my mind does, indeed, exist. I wanted a "chair futon"- one that folds out into a twin size bed. Little did I realize that they are the same price as some cars....... as we looked I kept thinking to myself............ AREN'T these the things that you see in garages, AREN'T these the things that bachelors use as their all-purpose furniture? Why are they so pricey? Alas after a full day of futon hunting we resolved ourselves to finding a different solution......... that is until this last Sunday. As we were on our way to church a local furniture store was having a sidewalk sale............ as we drove by ( @45 mph) I saw a glimpse of what looked like.................. a......... FUTON!!!!!!!!!!

We pulled over..... of course........ and ended up scoring a wonderful deal on a FUTON CHAIR! Perfect!

So all this is to say.......................... get ready!

For the past 3 days my girls have BOTH taken.........

3 HOUR NAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is what a FOUR year old taking a peaceful nap looks like! :)


What a long way to say............... "We got a futon! The girls are napping once again and mommy could not be happier with her afternoons of PEACE.:)"


  1. ahhh, the joys of motherhood. Now Bekah needs to show Mikayla how to take a nap! Lynnea might need some help as well. I'm glad you finally found the perfect futon!! I like it!

  2. I think I may hate you a little bit but only b/c I'm so jealous. While Kate is still pretty good, I'm lucky if I get 45 minutes twice a day out of Luke. Oh, what it must be like.

  3. What a great solution! Way to go Emily!