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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Kate!



Our very good friend Kate recently turned 3 and today was the big celebration! To everyone's amazement Kate had a very special guest attend her party......

Rebekah was in complete shock when she saw "Princess Ariel" suddenly in her presence.IMG_0287

We never knew the many talents that the "Little Mermaid" possessed. She can sing, tell stories, do magic, paint faces and make balloon animals. She evidently did very well at Mermaid College. :)



Getting your face painted is serious business.Anna was quite excited to take a turn at getting her face painted and it wasn't a surprise at all that Bekah was soaking up every glorious "princess minute."

















This is what amazement looks like.......













Anna..... of course.... trying to be a "big kid." I have to admit...... she is getting closer and closer. :(








Here is Bekah with the "BIRTHDAY GIRL". Happy birthday Kate! We had a fabulous time at your party! It was definitely an event "fit for a princess."



  1. We're so glad you all came and had fun. Kate is very lucky to have such good friends.

  2. Consider me jealous....VERY jealous.

    Looks like a very fun party!!!