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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Days are HERE Again!!!



Days at the Magic Kingdom, that is....


We couldn't last very long on our Disneyland sabbatical. We went tonight to renew our passes and our girls acted as though they had never been before!

We will undoubtedly put our passes to good use and while signing for sizable chunk of change was a tad bit painful, it is money well spent in our minds. :)

We are already going again tomorrow with friends! We are getting right back into the swing of things!















First we went and had a bite to eat.

Anna is getting to be such a big girl and sat right next to Daddy eating her mac n' cheese all by herself.



After dinner we had just enough time for a couple of rides before the park closed at 8:00.












On our way out of the park we got a few treats. Can you tell we are all about getting out of the house this week? After last week we are more than thrilled to spend time out and about enjoying health and each other.....










DSC_5941My girls seem to be making up for not eating all last week. They have been little garbage disposals the past couple of days. And a staple in Anna's head hasn't spoiled her appetite or pleasant attitude. :)

So we are excited! Excited for another year of Disney fun! Yep... happy days are indeed... HERE AGAIN!


  1. Mommy says our passes expire soon too :-(

    Hopefully we'll be able to renew them so I can go to DCA again with 'Bekah...

    I love Disneyland!

  2. It looks like you had so much fun at Disneyland. We haven't gone in a while and looking at your pics made me realize we need to go back. We always need a little disney!!!