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Saturday, May 31, 2008

How do I respond?

Yesterday when we went on our trip to the 99 cent store Rebekah says to me (after picking up a rosary candle).....

"MOMMY!!!!! (with excitement in her voice) I just found a candle with Jesus on it and, know what!? It smelled just... like... Jesus!"

How does one respond to that?

All I said was...
" WOW! Bekah, I bet Jesus smells wonderful."

Then on the way home...... Rebekah was talking non stop! She was saying things just for a laugh and was starting to get carried away with her silliness. After cautioning her and telling her that she was going a little overboard..... her response was.....

"WELL MOMMY! (with conviction in her tone) God wants me to be happy! And He wants us all to be happy so you have to smile MOMMY! " ( she then repeated this "sermon-et " several times)

How does one respond to that?

Lately I seem to find myself often in conflict. The conflict is between laughing at humorous reasoning from my daughter and also realizing that their are lessons that need to be learned and I can't just laugh and say...."you're silly" to everything she says. There has to be some correction that takes place. Yesterday, I don't think Rebekah stopped talking from the time she woke up until the time she fell asleep at 9:30 last night. She was a constant chatter box and when she is in a mood like that, there is no telling what theologies she will come up with. All I can say is "Lord give me the words to respond to my little philosopher."

And really, I can't wait to find out what Jesus smells like. :)

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  1. I am with you on this one sister - it is not an issue now - after 4 kids you are a little wiser and more bold!

    When Mich was little, however, I was "afraid" to correct him because I did not want to suck the joy from his little heart. But I quickly learned that little people will start BELIEVING what they are saying and creating habits with bad grammar even though it "sounds sooo CUTE when he says "sgetti" instead of "SPAghetti" etc.

    I spent almost a year correcting words, grammar and facts before finding a good balance of letting him use his imagination and enjoy being silly and gently correcting him so he was speaking intelligently and correctly.

    Oddly enough - they really do not mind! If steered in the right direction, and with truth, they are still able and willing to find fun, creativity and humor in whatever they are thinking or doing! :o)

    Have fun, Mom!