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Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's a Date....


Yesterday was all about quality time. We try to make it a point to take our girls out on "special dates". As Anna is kind of oblivious to the concept, at this point, it is more for Rebekah's benefit that we do this. Going out on "dates" with daddy is one of her favorite pastimes and she can talk of nothing else days before the scheduled outing and for days after.  So yesterday afternoon Josh took Bekah on a special "pizza date" and I took Anna to get a hair cut....

Poor Anna kind of got the raw end of the deal......



Bekah and Daddy went bike riding at the park and then got pizza and Jamba Juice (Bekah's all time favorite) and brought it back to another park for a picnic.  After yesterday and looking at these pictures we decided that Rebekah's next "BIG" gift will be a "big girl" bike. She seems to be outgrowing the tricycle. :(











Both of my girls love spending time with their number one guy....... and of course...... I can't blame them.


While Bekah and Daddy were enjoying time outdoors, Anna and Mommy were on the other side of town getting...

"beautified". :)

(This is the before shot......)

She always has a look as though she is skeptical of what lies ahead.


Anna is somewhat of a mystery to me..... even as her mother I find myself often thinking....... "I wonder what is going on in that little head."

In this picture I can just see she is thinking.......

"Really!? Are these clips necessary....?"

I will say that this hair cut was pleasant in comparison to the 1st haircut. She didn't cry and she sat extremely still...... her face displayed annoyance and showed clearly that she was merely tolerating the cut but in NO WAY enjoying it.













Also thinking......

"First the clips and now a blow dry? I'm 17 months! Is this REALLY needed?"









All is good in the end when she has "blankie" and candy in hand. :)

Ahhhh..... life's little comforts.




To complete our "Date Day" mommy and daddy got to go out for a night together. After a yummy dinner at Lucille's we then went and saw Prince Caspian. We both loved the dinner, really liked the movie and especially enjoyed spending some time with just us two.

Sometimes you just need to make it a point to get out and go on a "date." :)

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  1. What fun- a date with Daddy! I remember doing those. The hair is very cute, Anna!