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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just Couldn't Wait...

When I got home from my Dream Dinners outing Bekah was bursting with glee and almost unable to contain herself. Why you ask? Because she was keeping a secret, the secret being what she and her sister got me for Mother's Day. She was all giggles and wiggles telling me over and over...... " we got you somethin ,Mommy, but I can't tell you what it is!"

Well I guess Josh could not hold her back any longer.... because when I got home from a quick errand this afternoon, there was a pretty pink package waiting for me when I walked in the door. You could see the pride all over her face when I opened the package to find this....


a frame she picked out with a picture she drew of our family. Many members of our extended family are included in the picture as you can tell and she is quick to name each individual and match them to their portrait. I think this is absolutely my MOST FAVORITE Mother's Day gift to date.


Here I am saying "thank you."


She also picked out a pretty green candle. And I continued to be surprised when I found a new (smaller) camera from my husband at the bottom of the bag.  If you know me at all you have to know that I am a picture taking feen. My monthly pictures average in the 1000's and it is all too typical for me to take my camera with me everywhere. We have a fantastic Nikon camera that takes INCREDIBLE pictures. It really makes the biggest novice look like an expert photographer, however it is also quite hefty in size. It will be nice to have a smaller camera for those frequent trips to Disney and just to have in my purse for the more "impromptu" photo shoots. :) Thanks honey! I do admit.... he spoils me. ;)









For dinner tonight we went to a new BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP they just built right next to Disneyland. We have been to several of the "Bubba" restaurants, including one in Maui, Kona, Monterey, and San Francisco. They all taste the same but it is still fun to go to. And it is fun to reminisce about the fun trips we have been on while we dine.

I guess we just couldn't wait for a little celebration. And all I can say is.... fine by me. :)

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