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Monday, May 12, 2008

Not So Fast!

It would seem that our Anna's main goal, at this time in her life, is just keeping up with her big sister.Literally IMG_0052ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Rebekah is doing Anna is all too eager to try, often even if it means risking injury. If Bekah is brushing her teeth..... so is Anna. Bekah's dance class is sheer torture for Anna as she sits and bops back and forth to the music just aching to get out on the floor with her older sister. She can already climb to the top of the swing set and I will often hear Bekah get quite frustrated with the little "magnet" that is usually stuck to her side. Anna has NO clue that there are just things that she is not capable of doing at 17 months old. I am however amazed by the things she CAN do. She continues to prove me wrong constantly by climbing up things I thought too high, chewing things I thought too big and running quicker than I thought possible.

She simply wants to just be a "big girl."


Today Anna discovered underwear. She came into my room with a pair of big sister's undies and was trying, much to her frustration, to get them on. Once I assisted her in getting them on over her clothes she was absolutely bursting with "grown up" pride. :)  Anna is all about starting new trends and she is projecting that undies over pants is going to be the "absolute trend" of fall '08. Look out Project Runway, Anna is ready to strut her stuff!

She wore them the entire day, in fact by the time daddy got home she had two pairs on. She kept pointing them out to me, almost as though she was seeking validation in her "big girl" status. :)


So.... while Anna seems to be saying "not so fast" to her big sis and the rest of the "big kids" she chases after, I am saying the same thing to her... "NOT SO FAST!" "SLOW DOWN!" The last 4 years of being a parent have truly sped by. I am blown away by how quickly each phase passes and how rapidly my kids change and evolve.  And while I do look forward to seeing all that my girls will become I wouldn't mind being able to slow the hands of time at moments. I know that I can't keep them babies forever but I am in no hurry to see them out of this stage either. :)


  1. Maybe she wants to use the big girl potty???!!!! ;)
    Wouldn't that be FABULOUS???!!!!

  2. At least the one trying on the big girl undies is a girl...need I say more? How exciting to see them get big and sad at the same time. When's the next one? ;)

  3. Why do they have to grow up so fast?! I love that little Anna-banana's face.