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Friday, May 30, 2008

The PRICE is Right!

I am always up for a good deal! Aren't we all? Being one who is always excited to share a bargain I thought I would let you in on a couple things that made me a happy consumer today..... One thing the girls and I enjoy doing is going to the 99cent store.We find quite a few little treasures there and Bekah especially likes it because Mommy can be quite "generous" when  things are only 99 cents. :) Coming home with bags of buttons and yummy candles was too fun to pass up. And some yummy "carnival flavored skittles" made for sticky smiles with my girls. :)

DSC_6201 DSC_6214













No, we did not get the fixings for a pork roast at the 99 cent store but I had to show you a picture. We had a MARVELOUS dinner tonight ,thanks to Dream Dinners. (you may remember I posted about that a couple of weeks ago.) Tonight I pulled out the Apricot Pork Roast and both of my girls LOVED it, Josh and I both said it was the best pork we have ever had! I love a successful meal! I ended up calling Dream Dinners to see if I could come make 2 more of these! :) YUM!


And the picture below has nothing to with being a consumer......

This is something that makes me smile everyday. :) Anna is in a great phase right now and is really starting to communicate and emulate.Anything we are doing she wants to do it..... anywhere her sister is she wants to be there too. She keeps us laughing and I could spend hours just watching her move about. Her mind is constantly going and as a result she keeps us CONSTANTLY going! :) ahhh Good times.....

While I love a good bargain..... nothing compares to what is priceless........ ( ok it's a cheesy end, but I had to tie it all together :) )


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