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Thursday, May 22, 2008

So what's all the HYPE about?


They are doing some redeveloping of some of our local shopping centers. In one of them they are putting in a couple of restaurants and eatery's that we are excited about. One of the first places to open is a place called pinkberry. Their specialty is frozen yogurt and of course we decided to pick the only cold rainy night in May to go try the frozen treat.    IMG_0221



The atmosphere is definitely very trendy......






IMG_0219                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                And, indeed, the frozen yogurt was enjoyed.





We do have to say, however that we left unanimously preferring our Golden Spoon. :) (Slightly cheaper and yummier flavors.) But I am sure we will be making more visits to pinkberry if only for the fun environment. 






They get an A+ for presentation! Doesn't it look pretty? The ones with fruit looked exceptionally delish. 



IMG_0237After our trip to pinkberry we walked around the new shopping center for a bit. We of course had to take a little peak at what the new little bakery had to offer. Here is a picture of the girls oogling over all the baked goods. It would seem that they are never sick of sugar.


  1. Wow - I went to Pinkberry last night too!! We ended up leaving for Baskin-Robbins, though - tart yogurt wasn't what we were looking for :-)

  2. It just means more PB for me and that makes me very happy!!!

    We went to our local PB Tues night and James ate ALL of my blueberies, so cute!

  3. I've been so curious about that place. There are so many new frozen yogurt places now. I think we'll stick with ice cream. =)