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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tragedy, Tears and a Prayer...

When hearing about the death of Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter Maria, just 5 years old, my heart broke. What a tragic loss for the Chapman family.I am never able to wrap my mind about the death of children.  With little girls of my own I cannot even imagine the depth of grief a parent faces when they lose a child.

I recently discovered this song by Steven Curtis Chapman and it speaks LOUDLY as to how he felt about his precious little girls.

As hard as it is to understand and even accept we have been given our children for only just a moment.....

  YouTube - Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman



Help us make the most of every moment. Help us show them that their hearts are treasured and that they are truly gifts from above. Just like Cinderella they are indeed princesses, they are royalty..... not because of us, Lord, but because they are daughters of  THE King.  Help us to always make the time to "dance" with our girls. Thank you ,Jesus, for these precious gifts and each moment we have been entrusted with them.



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