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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wedding Weekend!

This last weekend was Jen's big day and the weekend was nothing short of lightning speed......

IMG_0154 IMG_0151IMG_0160

After the rehearsal we went to a really cool restaurant in Little Italy, San Diego. YUMMY!

(Pictured Above: Daddy and Anna and Shad, Kate and Ellie)



Then... since we were near one of our favorite places we met up with some of our favorite ladies.....

The San Diego Zoo with cousin Alee, Aunt Becky and Great Grandma.






We were there for just a few hours but it was lots of fun. My girls for some reason feel "at home" amongst the their friends at the zoo.






Two monkeys and an orangutan.





After the zoo I went and met up with Jen and the rest of the bridesmaids for a fun dinner downtown. There was a little drama, when the parking structure we were parked in caught fire. Of course we had to take pictures to document the event. (notice all the emergency vehicles in the background.)DSC_6000

And finally the big wedding day....

Here is Bekah with the bride. Rebekah was in awe of all the festivities. I would often find her just staring at Jen. Her buddy Jake was the ring bearer and she sat in the back mouthing to him.... "Good job Jake!... You stay up there..... ok."

Ahhh..... my little wedding coordinator.







A beautiful bride.









The event was at the Abbey in San Diego. It is a beautiful old church.





















My girls were excited to greet mommy after the ceremony.






I love this picture of Anna. In the background Aaron and Jen enjoy their first dance and Anna showed NO shyness in taking a front row seat.





The cake and centerpieces...... Jen did a beautiful job planning out all of the details. 












And finally enjoying the cake......


Congratulations Jen and Aaron! May your life together be richly blessed. :)

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