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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Company Picnic:

We are truly blessed that Josh is able to have a career  in a field that he LOVES; and the blessings continue to rain down as he  works for a great company! DSC_6811

Saturday  we took a break from our mountain get away and came back down the hill for Josh's company's picnic. Those in charge of planning the event left no detail out. There were bounce houses, carnival games, cotton candy, hot dogs, yummy  bbq, ice cream, and raffle prizes! We had a great time and I think Rebekah is convinced that when Daddy goes to work every day, he heads off to a carnival land filled with sweets, treats and bounce houses. :)


cotton candy........ ice cream.........
















As you can tell from Anna's expression, she was not a fan of the big slide..... even when Daddy was holding her!









Rebekah, on the other hand..... did not give the slide a rest. She probably went up and down 40 times and when she got off she was as red as a tomato. :)







DSC_6830 Even Daddy appreciated the cotton candy......










An event that was well worth the trip down the hill! :)


Birthday Celebrations in "The Nut House"

This past weekend we made a little trip to "The Nut House" ( a little cabin that belongs to some friends of my parents.) :)

As I sit here and think over the events of our family get together and glance through the pictures we took, it would seem that " The Nut House" (the actual name of the cabin) all too accurately describes our weekend. We had a great time!DSC_6754



The focus of our weekend was to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday! 


Here are some pictures of our weekend of celebrations......

I guess you could call the following..... Evidence of the


DSC_6776 DSC_6785DSC_6783DSC_6779

( Does anyone know what these things are called?)



On Friday, Josh had the day off and so we headed up the curvy path to Idyllwild. On Friday it was us just us and my parents......

we went to a wonderful little cafe for dinner, made s'mores in the fireplace and  played games. Our girls' favorite game by far was "HIDE & SEEK". A new place with many little nooks and crannies to explore, made for endless possibilities for new hiding spots. DSC_6751


On Saturday we went to another cute little mountain restaurant for breakfast before Josh, the girls and I headed back down the hill for Josh's company picnic (another post to come).





We came back up later in the afternoon and more family came as well. My sister, aunts, grandma and uncle all came up to participate in the fun!

Here : Bekah, Aunt Becky and Donna bring out strawberry short cake for the birthday girl! :)











Rebekah and Anna's idea of GOOD dessert is swirls of Cool Whip in their mouths.

The nuttiness will live on!




The wood floors there were quite slick and both Anna and Rebekah were rolling in laughter when Aunt Donna and Grandpa slid them across the floor in their jammies. We couldn't determine if we should call this game "Baby Shuffle," or "Baby Bowling". :) Either way they LOVED it!


Our family really enjoys playing games and we got to have a Blokus tournament! :) The competition was fierce, but in the end Dad (Grandpa) came away the victor.


We had a fantastic weekend with some of the people we love the most! I will leave you with one more picture from the weekend and it is pretty clear we, as a group, are a little nutty. But I have to say that if  these people are considered nuts...... they are most definitely candy coated! 


Happy Birthday MOM (Grandma)! We love you! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Surprise from Overseas...

My cousin Amy is currently living in Japan. Today we received a box in the mail from her and it was filled with interesting and ethnic goodies. So... here are a few pictures for Amy to not only see that we got the fun box of treats but it was also very well received.

The goods.....


Right before we opened the package. Rebekah said..." they have really cool animal crackers in Japan!"


Hey Amy! Is this how you are supposed to use these things?;)


Thanks Amy, for the special treats! 

Roughin It! (Kinda)

This past weekend we went camping with our fellowship group from church. We went to Dogwood DSC_6443 in Lake Arrowhead, Ca.

I have quite a lengthy collection of pictures(as you might guess.)

If I had to choose one word to describe the weekend I think it would most likely be something like.....





DSC_6458The girls were hardly recognizable through the layer of dirt and mud that covered them. At first I attempted to fight the filth by having frequent outfit changes, but when I quickly realized I was running out of clothes I surrendered myself to the grime. 



Rebekah was constantly inventing ways in which to get messier. With many kids on the trip, and the competition being fierce for "Dirtiest Child"....... I think I can say with full confidence  my child was the Winner!

DSC_6456 We borrowed the Hoff's tent trailer and it was the RITZ in comparison to actual tent camping! So thanks guys we loved our luxury accommodations, and made great use of the shower faucet when we made a make-shift outdoor shower to hose down our children plus some others.


We shared our site with the Lee's and had a great time sharing meals, playing games, laughing. and eating like royalty. And Bekah was in heaven being surrounded by her friends.


We went into the village on Saturday. We fed the ducks and had a caramel apple. 



The entire group got together on Sunday morning for some time of worship and fellowship.


Our friends all left on Sunday but WE decided to stay another day in the wild. Once everyone departed it was almost eerie how quiet the campground was. We had a wonderful time with just us. There were NO distractions (ie; computers, phones, house projects) It was just us and it was great. We even went over to Arrowhead Lutheran Camp and walked around the campus that holds a lot of fun memories for Josh and I. Our girls LOVE the great outdoors and never once complained about there being nothing to do. The dirt, the trailer, trees and overall atmosphere seemed to provide great inspiration for the imagination.


Daddy and his girls making s'mores. Bekah could have made them endlessly! 


On our last day we went to Lake Gregory. It was a lot cooler than it had been over the past few days and being a week day allowed us to pretty much have the place (and shade) to ourselves. I think the lake was a MAJOR highlight for Rebekah.



The girls love the sun, the water, the sand and just being outside. :)









We rented a paddle board and a big peddle boat for a little bit. Rebekah and Daddy went all around the lake while Anna sat with mommy eating her fair share of string cheese and goldfish crackers.



We had a great four days with friends, with our family and enjoying nature! Times like these are so quick to pass and don't happen often enough. It is essential we make the most of them!


NO! We are not MIA!

I have received a few concerned emails and comments in regards to my being not current on my blogging. To alleviate any concerns you may have all had..... We are completely fine! We went camping last weekend and I have been starting to get into planning mode for the upcoming year of MOPS so I haven't been as quick on my "Boo-nanna" updating. :) So here is a little glimpse of last week. We spent most of the week at home prepping for our camping trip ( more info to come).  Lots of packing and list making were the major events, nothing too exciting..... possibly the reason for lack of blog posts. :)

A  few pictures of the girls enjoying life......



Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Take a........ Curtsey!

Today was Rebekah's last ballet class for this session. We will, most likely, start back up in the fall; but we are switching organized activities from ballet to swimming lessons for the summer. She really enjoyed her Thursdays of dance. :)

Here are the pictures from today.(I love the parasols!)





IMG_1039  We're still working on form;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok... so I don't think you could really consider ONE tomato a "harvest" or at least not a "bountiful" one, but none the less ... we planted, watered and watched our tomato plant grow. IMG_1031 And it is indeed bearing fruit. We counted 21 tomatoes on it in the developing stages and today we picked our very first one. Josh came in the house and said...." We need to pick one tomato." He said it with a sense of importance in his voice, much like a woman would say when she says...."we need to go to the hospital now," in the much anticipated moment of going into labor. :) While our tomato does not compare to the birth of a new baby, it does IMG_1023feel like we have waited for this day and often thought it would never come. To be quite honest I kept telling myself, we would be lucky to keep the plant alive, let alone see it bear actual fruit! :) ( Hey I think I have thought similar things when it comes to parenting.)

And with the recent Salmonella scare with tomatoes, it would seem that our little crop could not come at a better time. So tomorrow we will be having a yummy home-grown tomato on our salad and we are looking forward to at least 20 more in the weeks to come! :)IMG_1027


(Anna wanted to bite into it, right away.)