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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Take a........ Curtsey!

Today was Rebekah's last ballet class for this session. We will, most likely, start back up in the fall; but we are switching organized activities from ballet to swimming lessons for the summer. She really enjoyed her Thursdays of dance. :)

Here are the pictures from today.(I love the parasols!)





IMG_1039  We're still working on form;)


  1. Hey guys...it's Dana, I saw your blog and totally love it! Your girls are ADORABLE! I am happy to see all is well in the Nelson family. Josh, I have no clue how to respond when people comment on the blog but to answer your question. No, none of the kids on my blog are mine...The little blonde girls is Erik and Heather Potts (Heather Huddleston) and Luke is Heidi and Randy's and Makenna is my brother and his wife's. Terry and I don't have kids yet. But Tommy (the dog)...he is ours:) I wish I could brag about my own but not yet.

  2. Hey Emily and Josh - It's Rachael (MacDonald) from good ol' class of '98. I saw your blog link on Michelle's blog, and what a joy it is to see your family doing well. Your daughters are so precious! I look forward to the days when Iris (now 18-months) will be able to do "organized" dance class and such. She took a Rhythm and Rhyme class at a parks and rec this past session and loved it. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. If you want to see pics of my lil ones - http://thewoodallfamily.blogspot.com