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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Celebrations in "The Nut House"

This past weekend we made a little trip to "The Nut House" ( a little cabin that belongs to some friends of my parents.) :)

As I sit here and think over the events of our family get together and glance through the pictures we took, it would seem that " The Nut House" (the actual name of the cabin) all too accurately describes our weekend. We had a great time!DSC_6754



The focus of our weekend was to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday! 


Here are some pictures of our weekend of celebrations......

I guess you could call the following..... Evidence of the


DSC_6776 DSC_6785DSC_6783DSC_6779

( Does anyone know what these things are called?)



On Friday, Josh had the day off and so we headed up the curvy path to Idyllwild. On Friday it was us just us and my parents......

we went to a wonderful little cafe for dinner, made s'mores in the fireplace and  played games. Our girls' favorite game by far was "HIDE & SEEK". A new place with many little nooks and crannies to explore, made for endless possibilities for new hiding spots. DSC_6751


On Saturday we went to another cute little mountain restaurant for breakfast before Josh, the girls and I headed back down the hill for Josh's company picnic (another post to come).





We came back up later in the afternoon and more family came as well. My sister, aunts, grandma and uncle all came up to participate in the fun!

Here : Bekah, Aunt Becky and Donna bring out strawberry short cake for the birthday girl! :)











Rebekah and Anna's idea of GOOD dessert is swirls of Cool Whip in their mouths.

The nuttiness will live on!




The wood floors there were quite slick and both Anna and Rebekah were rolling in laughter when Aunt Donna and Grandpa slid them across the floor in their jammies. We couldn't determine if we should call this game "Baby Shuffle," or "Baby Bowling". :) Either way they LOVED it!


Our family really enjoys playing games and we got to have a Blokus tournament! :) The competition was fierce, but in the end Dad (Grandpa) came away the victor.


We had a fantastic weekend with some of the people we love the most! I will leave you with one more picture from the weekend and it is pretty clear we, as a group, are a little nutty. But I have to say that if  these people are considered nuts...... they are most definitely candy coated! 


Happy Birthday MOM (Grandma)! We love you! 

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