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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cherry-licious Outing!


Today we went cherry picking in Leona Valley, CA.




The orchard we ended up going to was beautiful and had a tractor-ride, horses to feed and all the trees were dwarfed trees, so all the cherries were at eye level for my girls to pick (and eat). No ladders. :)



We all definitely sampled our fair share of cherry sweetness. However, in our defense, the people at the orchard said to sample one from a tree before you start picking. One cherry on a tree is a good indicator of the sweetness or tartness all the cherries on that tree will have. So..... I guess you could say we picked from several trees. :)




Anna was not particular at all about the cherries she put in her mouth or bucket. We found her several times gleaning from the cherries that had fallen off the trees. She didn't seem to mind. It was all good.

She must have gotten a seed in this picture. :)













And, before you ask...... yes I put red on my girls to coordinate with the cherries. :)


Us with a horse.



Rebekah with her harvest.




And Anna with a ring of stickiness around her mouth. Both of the girls were FILTHY by the time we got home.




We really had a great time today.We made a couple of stops on our way home ( will post more later) and came home to bake several yummy desserts,  but our cherry picking was the highlight of the day.









Enjoying the "fruits" of our labor. :)

A day with our family we will not soon forget.


  1. That is one thing we have not crossed off our list .. cherry picking! Looks like a great day and everyone was happy!

    How in the world did you already know how to make a dessert with cherries?? I would have left them in a bowl and said, "Chew and spit fellas!" I am so inept when it comes to these things.

    So glad my spiritual gift is not hospitality! hehehehehe

    Good pics!

  2. I just have to say that those look awesome and I am drooling. I can't believe how much Bekah is looking like you...Wow!