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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Company Picnic:

We are truly blessed that Josh is able to have a career  in a field that he LOVES; and the blessings continue to rain down as he  works for a great company! DSC_6811

Saturday  we took a break from our mountain get away and came back down the hill for Josh's company's picnic. Those in charge of planning the event left no detail out. There were bounce houses, carnival games, cotton candy, hot dogs, yummy  bbq, ice cream, and raffle prizes! We had a great time and I think Rebekah is convinced that when Daddy goes to work every day, he heads off to a carnival land filled with sweets, treats and bounce houses. :)


cotton candy........ ice cream.........
















As you can tell from Anna's expression, she was not a fan of the big slide..... even when Daddy was holding her!









Rebekah, on the other hand..... did not give the slide a rest. She probably went up and down 40 times and when she got off she was as red as a tomato. :)







DSC_6830 Even Daddy appreciated the cotton candy......










An event that was well worth the trip down the hill! :)



  1. LOVE the pic of Anna on the slide. Why do we find such join in these types of pics??!!! :):)

  2. Hey, look. The girls have matching outfits on. That's odd...