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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Craving...... Satisfied!!!

DSC_6379 DSC_6378


One of our favorite shows is The Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel. The show follows crab fishermen as they hunt for "modern gold" in the Bering Sea. Well as a result of being a devout fan of the show our taste buds have been craving some good FRESH crab! (of course with a generous side of melted butter.) So after our cherry picking adventure this morning we decided to head a little west and go on a hunt of our own. We went along the coast and found a really fun place in Redondo Beach. Captain Kidds is a seafood market where you pick your own crab and they steam it for you right there. So I guess you could call that FRESH!


While Anna is still a tad too young for shellfish, Rebekah had her first introduction to the wonderful world of crab! And she loved it! Now I am wondering if it was good to let her try it...... we might not be able to afford her sophisticated taste in food. In addition to the yummy crab it was a fun experience to add to our already FUN day! :)


  1. Sheesh. You guys are going on lots of fun trips. My parents are boring...can I come live with 'Bekah and Anna??

  2. hmmmm...sounds like a pretty yummy date night local....