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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok... so I don't think you could really consider ONE tomato a "harvest" or at least not a "bountiful" one, but none the less ... we planted, watered and watched our tomato plant grow. IMG_1031 And it is indeed bearing fruit. We counted 21 tomatoes on it in the developing stages and today we picked our very first one. Josh came in the house and said...." We need to pick one tomato." He said it with a sense of importance in his voice, much like a woman would say when she says...."we need to go to the hospital now," in the much anticipated moment of going into labor. :) While our tomato does not compare to the birth of a new baby, it does IMG_1023feel like we have waited for this day and often thought it would never come. To be quite honest I kept telling myself, we would be lucky to keep the plant alive, let alone see it bear actual fruit! :) ( Hey I think I have thought similar things when it comes to parenting.)

And with the recent Salmonella scare with tomatoes, it would seem that our little crop could not come at a better time. So tomorrow we will be having a yummy home-grown tomato on our salad and we are looking forward to at least 20 more in the weeks to come! :)IMG_1027


(Anna wanted to bite into it, right away.)

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  1. at least you know you wont get sick from these ones!!!