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Friday, June 6, 2008

The last couple of days....

I am sure we have all heard the phrase/ song... "Don't know what you got til it's gone." How true it is. It is so often that we covet the many things in our life that seem unattainable and yet we don't take time to notice the many blessings that already stare us in the face. For example.......

the fact that we daily have access to HOT water! On Wednesday when our hot water heater gave out  it quickly dawned on us all the things that change without the ability to have HOT H2O. Bathing, dishwashing, laundry (all of which happen multiple times a day in our house) all came to a halt when there was no HOT water.  On Thursday I packed up the girls and we all went over to bathe at my parents. (This is definitely one of the pros for having parents just 3 blocks away.) All is well now, as I am married to a very handy man and he was able to fix the problem. :) But I still came away very appreciative of this luxury that I have ,indeed, taken for granted.

DSC_6234While most of our week was pretty low key, Thursday was pretty eventful. Hot water dilemmas aside, we ran a few errands in the morning with Grandma and after naps Bekah had her 2nd to last ballet lesson. When getting  Rebekah suited in her ballet attire, Anna began to tug on her clothes. She quickly went into the room and brought out the other ballerina ensemble. After asking her if she wanted to put it on she said......"YEAAAAAAHHHHH"  (she says this to almost anything you ask her....... ) After a little use of ribbon to make sure we had no wardrobe malfunctions we we went to ballet class with two little dancers.DSC_6236



some fancy footwork from the girls as they warm up for class. :)













It is always a special treat when daddy gets to come to class.







After our time of "rhythm and motion" daddy took the girls over to a mini-celebration dinner for my cousin Andy's birthday. (We affectionately call him "Andy Manny" after one of the girls favorite Disney shows Handy Manny. And of course he loves the nickname) ;)

While they were partying it up, mommy was at another party (of sorts) a meal building party. This whole meal building thing is my new addiction and between recent experiences with Dream Dinners  and Homemade Gourmet my freezer is stocked for at least the next month! :) I have no pictures to show you of my evening but I will leave you with a few that Josh took of the girls last night.

Picking oranges in Aunt Becky's back yard..... :)


DSC_6303Hope you all had a great week and blessings for your weekend ahead! Happy Friday! :)

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