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Monday, July 28, 2008

achin for a vacation......

As I read friend's blog posts and see the highlights of their wonderful summer vacations and get aways I have to admit that the little green monster comes and sits right on my shoulder. For some reason right now I envy (more than ever) those taking a break and heading out of town. I guess you could say I'm achin for a vacation. :)

So while I wait for some time away I have been reminiscing about some wonderful trips we have taken as a family. Last summer we took a memorable 20-day road trip.It was incredible from beginning to end.

For the moment I am not hitting the road anytime soon, which means for the present, taking a trip down memory lane is all the vacation I think I can afford.  

Here are a few pictures and links (as it was a pre-blog event). What fun memories.



First stop beautiful Yosemite. One of the most magnificent places I have seen in my life.


One of our favorite stops was.... Dunsmuir's Railroad Park Resort.

Rebekah still talks about this hotel.









While staying in Black Butte, Oregon with the Nelson side of the family we kept very busy.

One major highlight was the children's museum in Bend, Oregon.





more fun in Oregon....


DSC_1479 DSC_1666

The girls with their cousins


What can compare to the world famous Space Needle.  INCREDIBLE!


We enjoyed several different activities in Seattle Center  especially the Seattle Children's Museum.


What visit to Seattle would be complete without a stroll through Pike Place Market?


We met my cousin and her family at Ivar's for some great seafood!



We were able to spend some time with Josh's uncle and aunt.


On our way home we went coastal and our first stop was Ocean Shores Washington where Rebekah was able to drive the car on the beach!






Flying kites in Seaside Oregon was breathtaking. Probably one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.




It would take me hours to post pictures of every stop we made. Considering that our trip was 20 days and I took pictures numbering in the thousands..... it is difficult, to say the least, to make this a reader's digest version.


We  made some other fun stops at places like.....

Crazy Norwegian's Fish and Chips

Sea Lion Caves

 Tillamook Cheese Factory


Trees of Mystery


Jelly Belly Factory

What fun we had.....  Isn't it incredible how much my girls have changed in the last year? Thanks for joining me on my little vacation-revisited. :)

Can't wait for another fun adventure with my family.


  1. Everytime you mention this trip I get jealous. You guys were so brave to take on a long trip like that with 2 little ones but I'm glad it turned out so great. I hope to one day be inspired and take a trip like this. Hmmmm...I smell a multi-family road trip- wouldn't that be fun?!

  2. Well I have an Idea for your next family vacation!!!1


    I think it would be fun for you and for ME..

    I would even pay for the girls flight!!!!

    DO IT DO IT....