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Monday, July 7, 2008


Yesterday was FUNDAY SUNDAY at our church! They had bounce houses, face painting, balloons, clowns and a plethora of other activities.  It was a FUN-WAY to spend our SUNDAY morning. ( That sounds like something in a Dr. Suess book.)


The day only continued to be a FUN-DAY when we headed over to my parents for a birthday celebration!

My brother Nathan is officially the                       BIG 2-1!  (7/7/87- lucky number 7)

It is hard to believe that my "baby brother" is of "legal" age.


(Above..... the girls enjoy more time in the water with cousin Alee!)

(Below: My "baby" Bro)

DSC_7236  DSC_7225













"Wii" love you Nate! ;)

  Happy 21st Birthday, Nathan! Like my mom has always said.... "Life would have been so boring, without Nathan."

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  1. my daddy is officially jealous - he got a Wii!!!!!!!