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Thursday, July 3, 2008

In Their Own Words.....

The past few days have have brought about a couple of quotable quotes from my daughters.

  • Anna is beginning to test our limits and enter the land of toddler defiance. Her favorite word, at the moment, would most definitely be...


..... she says it to EVERYTHING and then looks at you with a slight grin as though she is saying "What you gonna do about it?" This word is not new for her, she has been able to say it for months now. What is new, is the realization that she can use the word "NO" to voice her desire to go against what we may want her to do. Yep... Good times are ahead...


  • Yesterday as we were driving home from the Dr.'s ( it took us an hour and 15 minutes to get home) Rebekah, I suppose was overwhelmed with boredom and, after quite a long time of being quiet shouted out to me, from the back seat.......

"HEY MOMMY! I can pick my nose with my toe!"

It was a proud moment for me. ;)


  • Today as the girls and I enjoyed lunch at Panda Express   (my girl's FAVORITE) we  sat next to an ASIAN couple. (I emphasize ASIAN because it is key to the rest of the story)Rebekah appeared to be quite enthralled in their conversation, as they spoke in a language other than English. In a hushed tone Rebekah, leaned over to me and said.....

"mommy I have to tell you a secret........."

I said......."ok"

she says....." They don't think I can understand them, but I DO!.................... they are speaking SPANSHISH!"

Then she looked at me with look that indicated the secret was supposed to stay between us.  (My child obviously as aspirations to be a secret agent.)


  1. Too cute! I can totally picture that whispered conversation. She is such a character.

  2. I learned Spanshish too - thanks to Dora. I haven't tried the toe in the nose, but I can touch my forehead with my ankle, so maybe I'll give it a go. Thanks for the idea...

  3. I'm sure if Tyler watched Bekah pick her nose, he'd want to do it too. That's quite a feat! That's funny about the "asian" thing. Mikayla's so used to it but she points out things that look asian and says, "mama and yeye (grandma and grandpa) would like this."