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Monday, July 7, 2008

Passing Down Patriotism....

On Saturday the girls and I went to a Patriotic performance. The musical was special for a couple different reasons..... first of all the girls' great grandparents ( Josh's grandparents) were in it. Those who put the music and message together did a great job at reminding us of the great history we have as a nation.They did a wonderful job of honoring not only AMERICA, but most of all honoring GOD, on whom this nation was founded.

I think that it is a powerful example for my kids to see their GREAT GRANDPARENTS having both pride in and respect for their country, and most of all seeing them give praise to the LORD first and foremost for the freedoms we now have. I want my kids to be forever mindful that the freedom they enjoy did not come without a price being paid. The world they live in was, indeed, founded on a faith that is left out of most history lessons today. I would even dare to say that TRUE PATRIOTISM goes hand in hand with FAITH. When textbooks and our culture leave GOD out of the story it is up to us as CHRISTIANS to remind/ instruct our children not only about the role FAITH and GOD played in our nation coming about, but that they were in fact the FOUNDATION for its conception!

How blessed my children are to be able to see TRUE PATRIOTISM PASSED DOWN!DSC_7144

Josh's grandparents are inspiring. Both of them are in their 80's and they still maintain a level of activity most people a quarter of their age don't. I know they are prayer warriors and pray daily for countless needs of family, friends,strangers and our nation. I know it is a sincere desire and prayer of their heart that God would BLESS AMERICA!

After the musical we went back to their house for dinner and the girls took a little dip in the spa, along with their cousins. :)



The kids getting their feet in the Jacuzzi....







Playing with cousins and eating cupcakes, who could ask for more?



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