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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wild Rivers

Yesterday the girls and I went to Wild Rivers with some of the Nelson clan (poor daddy had to work). It was a terrific day with wonderful weather. One of those days when you say....."this is why we live in southern California!"

Rebekah was in heaven and was a little "energizer bunny", not stopping the entire day except for the 20 minutes it took us to eat lunch. She was in the water constantly and showed NO fear!

DSC_7293 DSC_7292



Look at my big girl waiting in line for the water slide......








Anna equally enjoyed herself and was just as eager as Rebekah to stay in the water.

I was pleasantly surprised that the water park had quite a few things to entertain toddlers.






It was a wonderful day and we all left a little sun-kissed and very exhausted.


  1. looks like fun! I think Bekah inherited her "energizer bunny" personality from mommy...go, go, go! Next time, we'll have to join you guys!

  2. My daddy tried to build me a "waterslide" in our backyard last week. Let's just say it looks like Rebekah & Anna had a better time than I did.

    Glad everyone enjoyed themselves - Wild Rivers looks fun!!!