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Thursday, August 28, 2008

SEA...... what we've been up to?



Pictures from our fun trip to Sea World last Sunday....









Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for a great day!


Both of the girls LOVED the Sesame Street area. Bekah keeps asking when we can go back.











The girls often feel inspired to stop, drop and ......... DSC_7878












Cool sisters!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Morro Bay, Ca

Camping with our best friends, the Rogers, has become a summer tradition for our families and it is something we look forward to every year. We have been to several campgrounds in California but this year we ended up at Morro Bay for the first time. Even though we awoke Friday morning to thunder, lightning and rain it didn't dampen our good time. We had moments  of sunshine(although most of the weekend was more winter-like than summer-like) and on Friday when we went into San Luis Obispo it even felt warm.  The kids had a wonderful time playing together and the adults enjoyed late nights of adult conversation and playing dominos (and of course s'mores and hot doughnuts). :) Already looking forward to next year. (ok..... maybe after I get all the laundry done, then I will look forward to next year!)


The girls in San Luis Obispo on Friday.


Our little mob of munchkins waiting for the Morro Bay trolley. We rode the trolley which actually made for a really fun and relaxing day. (No parking spots to find and no seat belts to buckle!)



Rebekah attempting to play a game of oversized chess.


Daddy and Anna.


The kids again.                   



Believe it or not...... Anna was saying  "CHEEEEZZZZEEE" in this picture. While her words said "cheese" for the camera, her facial expression seems to be telling mommy to "PUT AWAY THE CAMERA! I am sick of saying CHEEEEEZZZEEE!"


Thanks Shad, Kate, Jake and Ellie for another summer trip full of fun memories! Where will our travels take us next year? Let the planning begin! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh So Purty....

I decided to take the girls in for a haircut today.


We went to a different place than we normally go. Overall I was very pleased, however, the women working there seemed to be out of a different era. At one point I had to stop one stylist from feathering Anna's bangs. They seemed to have a strong love for hairspray and while I truly have my own affection for aerosol styling mist, I think that my 19 month old can wait a few years before she is introduced to styling products. :)

The ladies matched the flowers in their hair to the girls' outfits.

(And you know my feelings on matching! ;) Love it!)


This is the best I could get of Anna. She is getting harder and harder to keep still.

Ahhhh...... the world of girls. :)

Show Those Pearly Whites!

Today the girls went to the dentist. For Anna, this was her FIRST visit and of course I documented the day with picture taking.


We LOVE our pediatric dentist! If you ever need a referral, I would be happy to supply the name of our Dr. He is terrific with kids and his office could equal Disneyland in terms of entertainment.

IMG_1325 I am happy (and relieved) to report that both of the girls got an A+ on their tooth report card! NO CAVITIES! And I was shocked to find out.... Bekah has a loose tooth! The Dr. said she could loose it any day. WOW! Are we already there?! It was news to me, that girls loose their teeth earlier than boys, which can start  as early as 4. Who knew? So I guess we will be having a visit from the tooth fairy in the near future! :)

Bekah wanted to know if we could go to the dentist again tomorrow and was slightly disappointed when I told her we would go back in 6 months again. I mean where else can you choose your flavor of toothpaste? Bekah chose CHOCOLATE! (YUCK!)

Ok...... so I want to hear from you... How much did you get from the tooth fairy when you were little? Or did you get something besides money? Did the tooth fairy visit you at all? How do you document tooth loss with your kids? I mean, am I supposed to save them for the baby book or do I toss them? (That is kind of a gross question)

oh..... and Bekah wanted me to let everyone know that....
the dentist made her teeth feel "crunchy".

Monday, August 4, 2008

L.A.- Gone Country

Yesterday was a day that will go down in history as THE day Emily went to her first DOLLY PARTON CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is something I have wanted to do for quite some time and the day finally arrived! :) The tickets were an anniversary gift from my wonderful husband. (NOW THAT IS TRUE LOVE!) The concert was indeed wonderful. She sang some oldies like"9 to 5" and "I Will Always Love You" as well as some of her newer hits. It was a night of Dolly delight. :)IMG_1313

Since there were no cameras allowed in the venue a picture of the ticket is the best I can do. :(  I promise we were REALLY there!

The concert was at the Greek Theater in L.A. and Josh and I ended up making it an over night get away. We sent the girls off with my parents for the night and left right after church on Sunday. Our first stop was Philippes, the home of the original french dip sandwich. YUMMMM! IMG_1306This place is crazy and to say that it had a line would be an understatement. The place was literally bursting at the seams with hungry people. I had been there (I think) as a kid but didn't remember it in it's entirety. If you are ever in L.A. it is worth the stop!  (However, I told Josh several times...." I would HATE coming here with the kids." F.Y.I. Strollers would be impossible!!!!!)

After a yummy lunch we made our way to our hotel to check in and get ready for dinner and THE concert! Thanks to Josh's skills at working priceline we scored a great deal on a room at the Sheraton.  Once we got all "dolled" up and ready we headed out for dinner at an Italian restaurant near the Greek. Both Josh and I found the food to be........ hmmmmmm.......... well, not as fantastic as lunch, but the chance to sit down to dinner alone together cancels out any bad reviews we may be tempted to give the restaurant. (They DID have really good bread)

After dinner was DOLLY! This was my first time at the Greek Theater and it was a night under the stars. Perfect weather, no need for jackets. The place was packed! We will just say Dolly draws in quite an eclectic crowd. She IS quite the performer!

So this morning after allowing ourselves to sleep in a little bit we headed over to the famous Farmer's Market and enjoyed some yummy crepes.


We had high hopes that after our breakfast we would have a day full of culture by going to a museum like the Getty,  but when our top two choices ended up being closed on Mondays we resorted to a walk around  The Grove where I purchased my first pair of CROCS. Poor planning and vanity contributed to me bringing a very uncomfortable pair of shoes for our mini-getaway. By the time I re-squeezed my aching footsies into my shoes this morning, walking was torturous and it felt like I was attempting to stroll around in Bekah's dress up shoes. I have heard people RAVE about CROCS but never really cared for the "style" of them.  Little did I know that the brand has made some great strides in the  "cute department", and let me tell you when I put them on it was as if my weary, blistered and swollen feet were getting massaged with every step! I'm sold!

So realizing that our day of art, history and culture would have to be postponed we decided to do one more thing that screams L.A.

IMG_1310Lunch at Pinks!








There is NOTHING health conscience about this meal!





But you all have to admit....... it looks like good eats!


IMG_1318And it was!:)

After lunch we headed back towards home and with half of a weekday, not to be wasted, we decided to grab our kiddos and head to a matinee showing of "WALL-E". Bekah especially found the movie to be funny! Anna actually sat through a good portion of it, and if there weren't 30 minutes of previews I would bet to say she would have sat for the whole thing. :)




And that is how we did L.A. with a little bit of a country flair! 

Sadly a wonderful weekend comes to an end. :)