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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh So Purty....

I decided to take the girls in for a haircut today.


We went to a different place than we normally go. Overall I was very pleased, however, the women working there seemed to be out of a different era. At one point I had to stop one stylist from feathering Anna's bangs. They seemed to have a strong love for hairspray and while I truly have my own affection for aerosol styling mist, I think that my 19 month old can wait a few years before she is introduced to styling products. :)

The ladies matched the flowers in their hair to the girls' outfits.

(And you know my feelings on matching! ;) Love it!)


This is the best I could get of Anna. She is getting harder and harder to keep still.

Ahhhh...... the world of girls. :)

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