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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Show Those Pearly Whites!

Today the girls went to the dentist. For Anna, this was her FIRST visit and of course I documented the day with picture taking.


We LOVE our pediatric dentist! If you ever need a referral, I would be happy to supply the name of our Dr. He is terrific with kids and his office could equal Disneyland in terms of entertainment.

IMG_1325 I am happy (and relieved) to report that both of the girls got an A+ on their tooth report card! NO CAVITIES! And I was shocked to find out.... Bekah has a loose tooth! The Dr. said she could loose it any day. WOW! Are we already there?! It was news to me, that girls loose their teeth earlier than boys, which can start  as early as 4. Who knew? So I guess we will be having a visit from the tooth fairy in the near future! :)

Bekah wanted to know if we could go to the dentist again tomorrow and was slightly disappointed when I told her we would go back in 6 months again. I mean where else can you choose your flavor of toothpaste? Bekah chose CHOCOLATE! (YUCK!)

Ok...... so I want to hear from you... How much did you get from the tooth fairy when you were little? Or did you get something besides money? Did the tooth fairy visit you at all? How do you document tooth loss with your kids? I mean, am I supposed to save them for the baby book or do I toss them? (That is kind of a gross question)

oh..... and Bekah wanted me to let everyone know that....
the dentist made her teeth feel "crunchy".


  1. I got a dollar a tooth. And I advise not to keep the teeth, I think they turn black. Yuck!

  2. In the beginning I think it was a quarter and then a dollar when I got older. I think that my mom saved all the teeth in a pillbox for each of us. Personally, I put it in the same category as saving the umbilical cord...kinda gross.

  3. Obviously, I got a dollar too (since Brenna and I were visited by the same toothfairy). You could save all their teeth and make a necklace.=)

  4. I don't remember the specific amount I got, but I DO remember my mom trying to write a note from the tooth fairy and making the handwriting different, but jonathan and I both knew the truth. :)