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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anna's Idea of Breakfast...

This morning as I was making my bed and getting dressed, Bekah ran into my room to ask...

"Mommy, can I have chocolate TOO?"

In a moment of distraction I replied.... "NO! You can't have chocolate for breakfast!"..... then it clicked in...... "What do you mean 'TOO'?"

I quickly went on an ANNA hunt and found her crouched in her room covered in chocolate (hands, face and jammies). The ottoman to the rocker smeared with chocolate and the remainder of the chocolate and wrappers surrounding her. She looked up at me with that "UH- OH..... I've been caught" look and then tried to shove as much chocolate into her mouth as she could. She KNEW it was her LAST bite!

In the heat of the moment I grabbed her, grabbed the candy (before the dog could finish it off) and proceeded to clean her up. Now  that I have had a moment to clean up and restore peace I think the messiness  would have made for cute pictures. But I figure, I have shown you enough pictures with Anna and food on her face so you could probably come up with a pretty accurate mental vision of the moment. :)

Exhibit A: The Evidence left at the scene of the crime.



Exhibit B: Here is the candy culprit post clean up.  What a pill!

She did say "Sawry", so I guess we could consider that a guilty plea.

We'll just call this her MUG SHOT!


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  1. I love that children think they are smarter than we are!