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Friday, September 26, 2008

It has begun...

The terrible two's. The past month or so it has been very apparent that our little Anna is fast approaching the stage that is fondly (and not so fondly) referred to as the "TERRIBLE TWO'S!" I remember this stage with Bekah as, simply exhausting!  Yesterday, after I met my friend Riva for a stroll through Target and lunch at Wendy's, my arms were aching from trying to contain my Anna. 

Our sweet little blondie has taken to the stop, drop and tantrum routine and while I am not condoning it (at all), it does give me reason to laugh at times. (There are those other times when it makes me want to cry. When moments like this happen in public, it makes me want to crawl under the nearest rock.)

As I watch her in the moment of anger progressing from sweet angel, to frustrated, and then to frantic , I literally see her little mind working, processing how she can get what she wants. And the most hilarious thing about it, is she can turn it off at the flip of switch. If  I walk away from her she will get up, follow and then lay back down and start again. (When she thinks you are watching again.)  You see, Anna has not caught onto the fact that : SHE WILL NOT WIN! :) She will learn in time. In the mean time we might see a few more "demonstrations" of an almost-two- year-old's temper.

DSC_8357 DSC_8358 DSC_8359


DSC_8360 DSC_8362

Ok, I will admit it seems a little cruel to take a picture of your child during ,what appears to be a moment of distress. But, alas, I will remind you that she can quickly turn off the antics. As soon as I stopped taking pictures and walked away from her she sat back up and went on playing. Ahhh.... hopefully this phase will pass quickly! 

oh and in case you were wondering why she was throwing a fit:

She wanted to hold MOMMY's cup of water by herself instead of that "awful" sippy cup she was offered. COMPLETE INJUSTICE!

The Lord has blessed me with two little girls not lacking in the personality department. There is no denying that my days are full of  the many moods of girls ( I know you are all feeling sorry for Josh, right about now as he has ME added to the mix). :) But as the old saying goes..... " Girls are full of sugar and spice..." I think moments like these definitely qualify as the "spice" part.  


  1. I LOVE IT! I completely condone taking pictures of your children throwing fits...it's real life and one day they will be able to see what they put us through. =) Luke does the exact same thing. Hmmm, maybe they are meant for each other.

  2. THANK YOU for posting a blog about the reality of life with small children.

    Now other moms will know they are not alone!

    And I say - shoot away with that camera! For Pete's sake - I took photos of my son while his finger was stuck in a seatbelt as a fireman had to cut him out. MEMORIES, baby, M E M O R I E S!