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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lost Blog Files: One without the other.....

(I wrote this a month ago but for some reason I didn't publish it. )

Several weeks ago Rebekah went on a special outing with my in-laws which left me with one little girl. Anna was quite distraught to see her sister leave and it took her a little while to calm down once Bekah left. While Anna has her little blankets that bring her comfort and she likes being with Mommy and Daddy, there is NO denying that REBEKAH is the main security blanket in Anna's life. If Bekah is doing it, she wants to do it. If Bekah is staying she wants to stay, and if Bekah is going she wants to go. She loves her big sis.

After Bekah left, Anna kept saying her name. She dragged me into her room and pointed at Bekah's bed and said "Bepa".  Then we got in the car to go to the grocery store and she pointed to the seat next to hers and in a sad little voice, "Bepa, Bepa". Then (this is where I started getting a little sad myself) we got to the carts at the store and she pointed to the area in the cart where Bekah normally sits and she said "Bepa, Bepa....... Mommy, Bepa." I totally thought Anna and I were going to have a quiet morning with just the two of us, I guess I didn't realize that for Anna...... LIFE IS only with "Bepa."

This is Anna when she woke up from her nap only to find that Bekah was home and she was willing to share her happy meal toy! You think she was happy!? :)


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  1. That's so precious. I almost cried! Luke is in love with his big sister, too. Nothing brings him more joy than when she comes into the room. I guess we should cherish these moments, who knows what it'll be like in the years to come. =)