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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wisdom Pie

Today the girls and I had a lunch date with some very dear ladies. One of those ladies, especially, holds a very special place in my heart. When we moved to Norwalk, CA in 1986 our next door neighbor was a wonderful woman named Myrna Peterson. In addition to her being our neighbor, she was also a member of our church. I have many special memories of enjoying Danish cookies and visiting with our wonderful neighbor. Anyone who knows Myrna would say she defines the term "fountain of youth". Even today she was talking about climbing up on the counter of her kitchen to reach something high. YIKES! Our luncheon today was to celebrate Myrna's 95th birthday! (YEP 9-5!) In her 95 years of life Myrna has seen an ever changing world, her share of joys and, indeed, sadness and yet she has sought the Lord through it all. She is a great example of perseverance, friendship, service and faith. She is Danish through and through and has such wonderful stories about her upbringing on a farm in Nebraska. As we sat around the table today, I listened to her and the other women share different stories and pearls of wisdom and was humbled when I thought about how little I know and how much I have to learn.  I am so thankful for the chance to sit and listen, to learn and to glean from such amazing women of God. 

So today for lunch I had a wonderful sandwich, a cup of soup and a beautiful slice of wisdom pie. :)

Happy Birthday Myrna!

Here the girls are enjoying their chocolate pie.( By the way Myrna is famous for her pies!  In 95 years she has definitely perfected the art of pie making and that includes the perfect meringue. We had to settle for Marie Calendars today, but seeing as the girls have never had Myrna's pies they didn't know that there is actually something called BETTER pie !)



Here are the girls with Myrna.


Below: My mom with Myrna, Carol, Rita and Gloria. (I have known all of these women since I was in Kindergarten and they are all very precious to me.  How blessed I am.)


What a special day!

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  1. I love you Emily. Thanks for giving honor to those who make our nation and communities great.

    I'm glad those who were special to your mom and me, are special to you.

    Love Dad