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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Take me out to the ball game.....

..... take me out with the crowds. Buy me some.......

cotton candy..... and...... popcorn.........

Ok, so it isn't exactly how the song goes but I needed an appropriate intro.

Tonight we went to our "fellowship group's" annual costume party. It was a sports/game theme. When considering costumes that we could all pull off, I was a little stumped. After some consideration I had a break through!

We all know what EVERYONE'S favorite part of any baseball game is.....


So...... Josh and I were working the concession stand and we had our little "tasty treats" with us.


Rebekah was pretty, sweet, pink COTTON CANDY!


Anna was just as sweet in her popcorn suit! Come on, have you ever seen a cuter bowl of popcorn in your life!?


In front of our house with Daddy. (Who by the way put together the popcorn box prop! It was "engineered" to perfection, complete with metal "u-bolts" on the side.) WOW!


Here we are at my parents for a quick photo session.


Our cotton candy was so tired she fell asleep on the way to the party.


The back of our shirts...... Amazing what the CRICUT and a little sticky felt can accomplish! :)

A fun night for all.

And for some reason I am having a serious craving for popcorn!

Moccasins and Minnie Mouse Ears...


We went to a fun Halloween-play day yesterday! :)

The costumes of choice for the day were Pocahontas and Minnie Mouse. We shall see if those remain the favorites for next week. We have another "costume event" this evening to which the girls have to wear something NOT of their choosing. (more of MOMMY'S choosing) So I guess I can let them pick for Halloween. Bekah keeps going back and forth between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. 


I will post pictures of our costumes tonight. It's a sports theme..... just to give you a clue.












Bekah and Kate.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Train Rides & Pumpkin "cutie" Pies

Today we went to theDSC_8593 Pumpkin Patch with our MOPS group. Why is it that pumpkin pictures always turn out so CUTE! I got some great shots! Such a fun day with friends and my mom was able to join us. Here are QUITE a few pictures from our day. I love fall!






On the train ride. 



HAY....... there's my girls. (:



                         My pumpkin choosing a pumpkin.



She was pleased with her selection.                                   DSC_8674                      

I don't know if you can fully see Anna's expression in this picture but she was quite frustrated by the weight of the pumpkins. She kept telling grandma...

"too hay-bee"   and then she would sigh with discouragement.

(too heavy ;) )




After our pumpkin patch we were led to a group eating area to have lunch with our group. However, within 3 minutes of sitting down we were swarmed by bees and you could just feel the mothering instinct in the air. When I looked up from the yummy humus dip my mom had brought I saw a mass exodus of moms and babies, heading towards their cars and not looking back. So my mom and I decided to take the girls and find a less bee-populated area to eat. And now that I am a mini-van mom we were able to back up  to a nice shady spot and pop the trunk and set up our picnic in the car sheltered from sun and bees. After lunch the girls played in the field and trees, pretended to make fire with sticks and even ate imaginary marshmallows. A fantastic end to our Fall-time outing.




Here they are roasting "marshmallows" over the fire.







And here are the girls showing me their pumpkins once we got home.                        DSC_8693 

Desert Getaway


This past weekend we went to Palm Desert with our friends the Jacobs. We had a great time relaxing by the pool and the girls loved being with their friends Kate and Luke.

We came home very relaxed. Thanks to the Jacobs for a fantastic getaway.


IMG_1747  Here are the kids dancin the night away at the Mexican restaurant where we had dinner Sunday night.





Bekah and her pumpkin craft.









This is where we were most of the trip and the girls LOVED it.



Such a good time spent with good friends.

The Festivities Begin....

This past Saturday my parents hosted an Engagement Party for my sister Donna and her fiance Philip. We had a great time and as usual my mom and aunt pulled off a fantastic event. We look forward to the next 9 months of preparation for the big day!


The happy couple.....


Some of the decor.....


The girls.... 


The family.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who Says.....Nothing comes for free?(part2)

We went to Hoover Dam on our little get away this week and my engineer of a hubby was in his element. Here are some pictures of our day. After our day trip to Hoover Dam we went back to the hotel and spent some more time in the pool and relaxing in our....... FREE....... room. :) It was a very relaxing couple of days. I always love a chance to get away with my family.


In the rock...


Our little monkey hanging out over a 750 ft drop. separated by glass of course.:)


Our attempt at a memorable photo op. Can you tell our girls were totally into it.


This is the new bridge and road project they are working on at the dam. It is PHENOMINAL! Josh was in awe and so was I. The girls..... not so much. :) Oh well. Maybe when they are older.

Who Says..... Nothing comes for free? (part 1)

We are on a little get away to Las Vegas. (I know, I know not really a great place to get away with kids.) We are doing Vegas "Family Style". When we came last November for a conference Josh filled out a card to receive a free "slot card". Well a couple of months ago we received a letter inviting us to say at the new Palazzo for free! While Vegas is NOT my favorite place I am not one to turn down ANYTHING free! Besides, I consider myself a creative individual and when paired with my adventurous husband, I knew we could come up with an alternative way to see Las Vegas.

So yesterday we went to the mall (that was my idea), went to Lunch, played in the pool (perfect pool weather), and had a fancy Italian dinner in our room.

Here are the girls at Johnny Rockets sharing a shake.


Ok so I have to tell you about our dinner last night. We are right across the strip from Maggianos (one of our favorite restaurants). We just happened to have a gift card for there but thought our girls weren't really in the best mood to go sit down in a nice restaurant. So we called over and ordered take-out. Little did we know that a "FULL" (what we ordered) was the size you could order for a family of 8! And we ordered a FULL spaghetti and a FULL Alfredo. We still have a whole tray left. So cold pasta for breakfast! :) Anyways we had a nice little dinner in our room and we didn't have to pay a tip! :) Another great meal for basically free!


So I will have more pictures when we get back. We are off to either Hoover Dam or Red Rock Canyon. Haven't decided yet.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Phantom of the............. Melting Pot?

As if the Blue Bayou wasn't enough my husband convinced me (he really had to twist my arm ;) ) to keep the birthday celebrations going. He suggested going to The Melting Pot with some friends. We had a great time with the Lees and Rogers. When you love sauces and dips as much as I do, Fondue is perfect!

After we took pictures we realized we were having dinner with another.... something. ;)  A "phantom" of sorts seemed to appear in our pictures. Can you find it?

Below: Riva, Me, Kate and our Fondue Phantom


Below: Josh and Will and you have to see what I am talking about NOW!

SEE IT! Freaky right!?


Shad and Josh were very serious about the dessert.


And a picture of the FINALE! Yummm..........


Thanks guys for a wonderful end to the birthday celebrations! And thank you to my FABULOUS husband who brought us all together for a fantastic night out! 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Disney Night & Birthday Delight...

Today is my birthday and we went to Disneyland for a special night out with our girls. What is so special about Disneyland? You may ask. Well we normally don't eat at the Blue Bayou. It was a night out of the ordinary.



We went on the new Toy Story Mania ride!


This was the dessert at the Blue Bayou. It is a hot chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, chocolate, caramel and topped with a edible sail to look like a pirate ship. YUMMM...


and of course we all enjoyed it! :)


What birthday celebration would be complete without birthday hats!? Seeing as Mickey ears aren't really my style the girls wore them instead.


Anna's hat must have come with a free attitude because she was definitely sporting one tonight!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nature Day

Today, we had a fun afternoon at the Fullerton Arboretum with some of our friends.

The girls had a great time playing, as my friend Michelle would say,"as God intended them to."




They climbed trees, ran through bush, hiked through trails and played in a stream.  And they loved every minute of it.

That is until we had to leave. :)