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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Phantom of the............. Melting Pot?

As if the Blue Bayou wasn't enough my husband convinced me (he really had to twist my arm ;) ) to keep the birthday celebrations going. He suggested going to The Melting Pot with some friends. We had a great time with the Lees and Rogers. When you love sauces and dips as much as I do, Fondue is perfect!

After we took pictures we realized we were having dinner with another.... something. ;)  A "phantom" of sorts seemed to appear in our pictures. Can you find it?

Below: Riva, Me, Kate and our Fondue Phantom


Below: Josh and Will and you have to see what I am talking about NOW!

SEE IT! Freaky right!?


Shad and Josh were very serious about the dessert.


And a picture of the FINALE! Yummm..........


Thanks guys for a wonderful end to the birthday celebrations! And thank you to my FABULOUS husband who brought us all together for a fantastic night out! 


  1. I SEE IT!!!
    Looks like so much fun...I have heard tons about that place!

  2. That is kind of freaky...I loved Josh and Shad in their matching shirts. Did they plan that?? :)