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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Take me out to the ball game.....

..... take me out with the crowds. Buy me some.......

cotton candy..... and...... popcorn.........

Ok, so it isn't exactly how the song goes but I needed an appropriate intro.

Tonight we went to our "fellowship group's" annual costume party. It was a sports/game theme. When considering costumes that we could all pull off, I was a little stumped. After some consideration I had a break through!

We all know what EVERYONE'S favorite part of any baseball game is.....


So...... Josh and I were working the concession stand and we had our little "tasty treats" with us.


Rebekah was pretty, sweet, pink COTTON CANDY!


Anna was just as sweet in her popcorn suit! Come on, have you ever seen a cuter bowl of popcorn in your life!?


In front of our house with Daddy. (Who by the way put together the popcorn box prop! It was "engineered" to perfection, complete with metal "u-bolts" on the side.) WOW!


Here we are at my parents for a quick photo session.


Our cotton candy was so tired she fell asleep on the way to the party.


The back of our shirts...... Amazing what the CRICUT and a little sticky felt can accomplish! :)

A fun night for all.

And for some reason I am having a serious craving for popcorn!


  1. Adorable!! I especially love the popcorn hair piece.

  2. Awesome! You are so creative and your little snacks look good enought to eat. =)

  3. You guys were truly a hit! You could easily become a professional costume maker! Thanks for talking with me last night. Your words were such an encouragement. While we don't cross paths often, I am thankful for the connection we have when we do.
    :) Christie Murray

  4. Thanks, Emily... It was such a pleasure to meet you, too! Your costumes were adorable and very creative!

    Thanks, also, for coming to my blog! It's so fun to meet new friends, and you seem to be a very great friend!

    p.s. can you tell me how you get the drop shadow on all your pictures? I love that.

  5. What a great idea! Very original:)

  6. too cute emily, so creative! i really need to learn how to sew & i think i may have to invest in a cricut...such a clever contraption!