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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Train Rides & Pumpkin "cutie" Pies

Today we went to theDSC_8593 Pumpkin Patch with our MOPS group. Why is it that pumpkin pictures always turn out so CUTE! I got some great shots! Such a fun day with friends and my mom was able to join us. Here are QUITE a few pictures from our day. I love fall!






On the train ride. 



HAY....... there's my girls. (:



                         My pumpkin choosing a pumpkin.



She was pleased with her selection.                                   DSC_8674                      

I don't know if you can fully see Anna's expression in this picture but she was quite frustrated by the weight of the pumpkins. She kept telling grandma...

"too hay-bee"   and then she would sigh with discouragement.

(too heavy ;) )




After our pumpkin patch we were led to a group eating area to have lunch with our group. However, within 3 minutes of sitting down we were swarmed by bees and you could just feel the mothering instinct in the air. When I looked up from the yummy humus dip my mom had brought I saw a mass exodus of moms and babies, heading towards their cars and not looking back. So my mom and I decided to take the girls and find a less bee-populated area to eat. And now that I am a mini-van mom we were able to back up  to a nice shady spot and pop the trunk and set up our picnic in the car sheltered from sun and bees. After lunch the girls played in the field and trees, pretended to make fire with sticks and even ate imaginary marshmallows. A fantastic end to our Fall-time outing.




Here they are roasting "marshmallows" over the fire.







And here are the girls showing me their pumpkins once we got home.                        DSC_8693 


  1. Great pictures! I see a couple of framers. =)

  2. so fun! i can't wait to get to the patch with my rugrats! :)

  3. always a good event, those pumpkin patches - and they do not last long so ENJOY! (8 year olds are not so thrilled to pose with round orange vegetables.)

    You make good memories for your girls, Em!