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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who Says..... Nothing comes for free? (part 1)

We are on a little get away to Las Vegas. (I know, I know not really a great place to get away with kids.) We are doing Vegas "Family Style". When we came last November for a conference Josh filled out a card to receive a free "slot card". Well a couple of months ago we received a letter inviting us to say at the new Palazzo for free! While Vegas is NOT my favorite place I am not one to turn down ANYTHING free! Besides, I consider myself a creative individual and when paired with my adventurous husband, I knew we could come up with an alternative way to see Las Vegas.

So yesterday we went to the mall (that was my idea), went to Lunch, played in the pool (perfect pool weather), and had a fancy Italian dinner in our room.

Here are the girls at Johnny Rockets sharing a shake.


Ok so I have to tell you about our dinner last night. We are right across the strip from Maggianos (one of our favorite restaurants). We just happened to have a gift card for there but thought our girls weren't really in the best mood to go sit down in a nice restaurant. So we called over and ordered take-out. Little did we know that a "FULL" (what we ordered) was the size you could order for a family of 8! And we ordered a FULL spaghetti and a FULL Alfredo. We still have a whole tray left. So cold pasta for breakfast! :) Anyways we had a nice little dinner in our room and we didn't have to pay a tip! :) Another great meal for basically free!


So I will have more pictures when we get back. We are off to either Hoover Dam or Red Rock Canyon. Haven't decided yet.

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  1. you are very creative and I agree - FREE is FREE - take advantage! Especially when you do not have to sit through a 4-hour "You too could own your own vacation timeshare" spiel.

    Looks like another fun Nelson family outing!