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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Girls and Good Deals:

We took a little trip to Disneyland last night..... the girls were excited to go. :)

Can't you tell?


About the "deal" ..... yesterday I went to Old Navy. I had a $10 credit there and so  I thought I would look around. (Get a little shopping fix.) I found these shirts under a sign that said 2 for $10! SCORE! I thought. When I went to check out however, the girl said.... "that will be $28.40(something)." Puzzled, I said..... "I must have read the sign wrong, I thought it said 2 for $10."

She promptly sent someone back to the rack to see if I was correct. When he came back he said "it is for the Henley Hooded T's with 3 buttons." I then counted the buttons on the shirt....1-2-3. He must have been the manager because he said ..... "yep they sure do, ok 2 for $10." :) YEAH!

I walked out of the store with two shirts for FREE! When does that happen? I felt like I was stealing. :) Well I don't know why I had to share that with you, but I just love bargains. I got my shopping fix and I didn't spend a penny. :)

So cute shirts and Disneyland make happy girls, and cute shirts and good deals make a happy mommy.


  1. I love it when that happens. They certainly do look cute and very happy. =)

  2. It totally makes my day to get a great deal like that! How fun!