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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Harvest Party:

Hey All..... been a few days since I last updated my blog. I feel like all my posts have been about the same thing lately. But I think this is my last Halloween post for the year. :)

On the 31st we went to our church's Harvest Party. They really go all out every year and hundreds if not thousands of people come to play games, eat junk food, see magic shows, play in bounce houses, get faces painted and see the animals at the petting zoo. It really is quite a production.

The costumes for the evening were Snow White and Minnie. (My Minnie mouse took out her adorable pig tails with Minnie ears. :(  Thus the unadorned hair..... I know, I know........gasp! )

Below Bekah as Snow White  and Anna (a.k.a Minnie) with Grandpa waiting to play a game.











Anna clung tight to grandpa's finger.


DSC_0081There were three different petting zoos set up. They had a puppy petting station, a reptile area and a barn yard section. The girls loved all three!!! They are in NO way afraid of animals.         



The Harvest Party was followed up by a little Trick or Treating at some neighbors homes and then we called it a night.

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