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Monday, November 24, 2008

Time to Turn the Heat ON, Daddy!…… and ONE HUGE SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Monday morning and Anna was up early (as usual) and she has a couple things to let Daddy know…….. :)

“ Daddy……..can you ‘peeeezzzz’ turn on the heater. This is how I had to eat breakfast this morning. Our house is a little on the chilly side…….. burrrr” - Anna



“And look at the BIG “b0000g” mommy had to kill this morning. IT HAD HAIR!!! I don’t like bugs. Bekah thinks they are cool though” -Anna


“Hope you have a good day at work Daddy, I LOVE YOU!” – Anna :)


  1. She is so cute...That is what Lily says to me everyday! The house is apparently too cold for her all the time! :)

  2. That Spider is SOOOO cool! And those eyes! Wowzer! What did you use to kill it? Lots and lots of tissues or a bat?


  3. i check your blog every now and then - mary's my SIL. i guess the title should have been warning enough, but i can't believe you actually posted a picture of the spider. yuck!