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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally……. Holiday Trim

I feel like we have had somewhat of a late start to our Christmas season. In years past we have quickly put up all of our decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year time got away from us. So on Sunday we finally put up all the holiday trim. Our girls get an ornament every year and so they loved pulling out all of “their” ornaments and hearing all the stories about why we chose that for them.

These are moments to cherish and traditions I love.


The stockings have been hung….


The Tree, every year it gets fuller…..

IMG_0130 What would decorating the tree be like without a little hot chocolate?




  1. So beautiful. I love Christmas and all of the festive things we do to our houses!

  2. i love the ornament tradition...my mom bought me one every year & still does. Each year as I hang them I remember picking it out or where we were when we got it ,& this year I get to keep the tradition going with Ruby. Isn't tradition wonderful!

  3. Yes, I love giving an ornament to the girls every year. I hope to give them a box of ornaments and Christmas Decorations when they get married or move out. Every year I write a little note to go with the ornament telling them why I chose that ornament for them. This year I got Anna a monkey taking a bath. (pretty obvious why) and for Bekah I got a daddy bear reading to a little girl bear. She loves book. Yes, I love the tradition.