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Monday, December 29, 2008

a slight……. UH OH!

Yesterday we decided to have a peaceful family day at the park. The weather was gorgeous and we just had to put those wonderful new fishing poles the girls got to use. So after we set up our picnic and fishing sight and ate a little lunch Bekah and daddy got ready to cast their first line. While they were preparing Anna had other plans and ran off to a nearby and not so nearby play ground. I (being the only parent not occupied) ran after her. She decided she did not want to come down off the fun slide and so Mommy was forced to climb up after her. I grabbed her and on the way down this happened……..

DSC_0296 I fell and heard a pop! The pain registered just under that of child labor ( that still wins) ! I screamed for Josh! (He said it echoed through the park) Thankfully I broke Anna’s fall and she was not harmed.

We ended up spending the day in the emergency room and I felt awful especially since Bekah wanted so badly to fish and my little accident happened at the same moment she was about to cast out for the first time. I am happy to say that it is not broken (which we originally thought). I have a bad sprain and there is the possibility of torn ligaments. Don’t you love my little sausage- like foot all puffy? So today the girls and I are watching movies in the living room and I am stationed on the couch.

Bekah has been beyond sweet and keeps giving me hugs and saying…. “You are going to be just fine mommy, I am going to take care of everything.” “Don’t worry mommy I will tidy up the house.” “ What do you need mommy?”


Bekah seems to have the hang of the crutches a lot better than I do. Josh has had quite a few laughs at my expense on these things. He thinks I am likely to cause further injury to myself trying to get around with them.  :) Hoping to be up and around in the next few days. OUCH! :)

After the last 4 posts maybe you can tell why I am a little behind on my blogging. ;)


  1. Emily,
    You don't know me, but I feel like I know you because I love to read your blog! I stumbled upon it by mistake while looking for another Josh and Emily, and now I read it quite regularly. Your children are BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure you've heard that many times before! I live in southern Alabama and have 4 girls (ages 8,5, & 6-month-old twins). It's fun to read how other people live in other areas of the country - we're not that different! Thank you for sharing. I hope your foot heals quickly!
    Your Sister in Christ,
    Cindy Redmon

  2. Poor Em! =( I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Heaven's to Betsy - that is no way to spend your Christmas holiday!

    I am sure you have found a way to make that splint look fashionable and cute, however! :o)

  4. Poor thing! Cristan had ankle surgery two weeks ago and is on crutches for three months. It's no fun! (I hope you milk it a little bit. Make them really pamper you!)

  5. The same thing happened to me in September. No fun:( Still hurts sometimes. I was told not to keep it in a brace because scar tissue builds up and makes it worse later.