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Monday, December 29, 2008

Wrightwood or Mt. EVEREST?

What a Saturday we had! We had the wonderfully original idea to go to the snow! Well at least we thought it was original. However, it would seem that the entirety of Southern California had the EXACT same idea. It took us double the time it should to get to Wrightwood and once we got there it felt like we had climbed Everest. The girls loved the snow and our hour or two all bundled up was, indeed, fun. Sledding, snow balls and a couple snow angels helped ease our stress after our LONG drive up the hill. And then it was time to make  the trek home and we would find that our trip up was nothing in comparison to what we would encounter on out way down. I won’t go into all the details but I will just say…… we left at around 4:15 and got home sometime around 10:30p.m. YEP! Thankfully we got some great pictures and enjoyed time with good friends. Thanks Jeff, Valerie and James for making the climb with us. I think I can say I will remember our day in the snow for a long time to come.




DSC_0258 Got stuck in the snow…..






  1. We've been wanting to do this...let's go in January! Are you up for it? ;)

  2. Certainly worth it for the photos but BOY do I understand the pain of that trip ....

    it will all seem funny later, of course! ;o)