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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just in time to PARTY!!!

The week began with a little distress over our cameras. This past weekend, BOTH stopped working. I of course had a mild panic attack thinking of Rebekah’s 5th birthday undocumented on film. (I rarely have a day without taking pictures, let alone a birthday!) Thankfully the people at Nikon were sympathetic to my situation. Even though they originally told me the repairs would take “approximately 6-10 days”, to my delight the camera was fixed and working wonderfully in ONLY TWO DAYS!!!


So we are now ready for the big birthday weekend and we kind of kicked things off last night with a friend’s birthday party. Rebekah’s friend Chelsea is just 2 days older than her.

It was at a place called PUMP-IT-UP. It is a huge warehouse with bounce houses all around. My girls LOVED it!

DSC_0636 Both were DRIPPING with perspiration by the end of the evening!



I am so glad to have our MAIN camera back in action and even though I may not be ready for Rebekah to turn “a whole hand”, I am definitely ready to take pictures every moment of the BIG DAY!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Could you repeat that?

So in a moment of emotional-ness I grabbed my Rebekah this afternoon, squeezed her, hugged her and said…

“Mommy’s heart is a little sad that my baby is turning 5….”

(her birthday is on Friday)

to which she replied…..

“Well, Mommy… kids have to grow up, go to school, find a husband and then go to high school!”

ummmmmm…………. she possibly has things a little out of order.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Shower Fun!

I got to be a part of throwing a baby shower for a dear friend Valerie, this past weekend. I was fortunate that my co- party thrower has a beautiful home in which she graciously offered to host the event! Thanks Mina!  The best part about the shower though was, Valerie has ALREADY had the baby!  And baby Jenevieve ( just over 3 weeks old) was a perfect little lady as she slept almost the entire time. I always enjoy putting on parties of any kind and the details of everything from the invitations, to the food and decor all make me giddy with excitement! IMG_3305

Valerie has an amazing friend who offered to make cookies for our party favors! Not only were these cookies truly works of ART they also were delightfully delectable!!!! Such a treat! I brought a cookie home for my girls and they HAD to share (much more than they wanted to) with their mommy! Yummm….

  Here is her website.
( I already have a list of events I am considering buying her cookies for! )


Our colors were black, white and pink! ( One of my favorite color combos.) I hope my sister likes the colors as I am already planning her wedding shower in just those shades.

Even though the bakery did not quite understand ( or agree with) our color scheme, the cake still turned out adorable.


Such a pleasant day honoring a wonderful friend and welcoming her precious angel into the world! Welcome Jenevieve!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Watchin the years DRIVE by……

As we are just days away from Bekah turning 5, I am already in “reminisce mode”. And today we got one more reminder of how quickly time is racing by.

When I was pregnant with Rebekah we owned a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta. (Which I loved!)  After realizing that a car seat would not fit inside our fun little vehicle, let alone a stroller and other baby items, we decided t0 move up to the Passat Model.

Here I am in January 2004, (8 months pregnant) saying good bye to our Jetta right after we signed the papers for our new “family car”.


Five years later we are a minivan family and today we said good bye to our Passat. While this car has made us swear to NEVER again own a Volkswagen we are still a little sad to see it go. It was our first “family vehicle”. It was the car we first brought our Rebekah home in. It was packed full when we moved from our townhouse to our current home. It has been keyed! :) Needless to say…it holds a lot of memories. 

Of course I had to take Rebekah’s picture in front of it. 


There is no doubting we are, indeed, happy to see all those little repairs (that were nickel and diming us) drive right out of sight. But we are also a little sad to see a special memento speed off into the distance.

So while there is an element of GOOD RIDDENS! going through my mind, I still have to respectfully say…

Good bye dear German friend. God’s Speed!

or maybe I should say Auf Wiedersehen!  



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainy Day Cupcakes…

The past few days have brought some rain. ( So out of the ordinary for us in so cal.) On Monday the girls had their friends Mikayla and Tyler over. I cannot think of a better way to keep my kids occupied on a rainy day then having more kids over. Even though I had four kids in the house it almost seemed quieter than having just two. They had a great time.DSC_0584

We made cupcakes after lunch and of course, they loved the treat. Even though they got more sprinkles on the floor than they did on their cupcakes I managed not to have a panic attack. Here are some pictures of our rainy day cupcakes.





Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and were able to spend time with someone you love.

Valentines Day Cards by howieluvzus.

Our day started off with breakfast and “valentine’s stockings”. I found these little felt bags at the 99cent store and was hoping to tie them on the back of the girls chairs with a few treats. However, they weren’t very sturdy but the idea has inspired my for yet another craft project to put on my list.

DSC_0564 The girls were pleased, despite my creative hopes being dashed.


DSC_0566 After breakfast, baths and clean up we headed out of the house for a day together. The girls received a little Valentine’s money from some loving relatives and so we went to Toys R’ Us to purchase more furniture for their doll house. Here they are in the car. Ready to go!

DSC_0575 Inspecting the goods.

DSC_0576 After the toy store, Josh finally got his fix of Peet’s  coffee. He has wanted it since San Francisco. We have one not far from our house, however it is not a “full retail store” meaning it has limited hours. We have attempted to go there twice and both times it has been closed. So today he finally got his coveted cup of  jo.


The rest of the day included….

a little shopping, a great lunch at Yard House, a stroll through Lowe’s and finally….. (this is the best part)……

an early bedtime for the kiddies ( 6:45!!! it’s true!) And then mommy and daddy ordered Sushi!! We ate sushi by candle light and watched….

I cannot tell you how surprised I was by this movie! I had my reservations but truly it was a movie worth watching and it was perfect for Valentine’s Day! This is a movie that shines light on the importance of marriage and the depth of the covenant entered into when we say “ I do”.  (Not exactly something glorified in modern day Hollywood.) Both Josh and I give it a thumbs up and it made for a great evening together.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Hope your day was as LOVELY as ours!

Monday, February 9, 2009

a quote for the books……

I was at a wonderful conference this last Friday and Saturday so that meant Daddy was at home holding down the fort ( or in our case the “castle”). When I got home on Saturday evening Bekah said to me…….

“I didn’t brush my teeth this morning……. but it’s OK, Daddy just gave me a mint!!”

Ahhhh………..guilty confessions of an almost 5 year old.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So much more than a tooth……..

A little Rebekah fact that some of you may not know, is that she was born with a tooth! I know it sounds strange, but it is true! I often joke that she came into the world about 5 months old. At 9lbs 5 oz, she had a full head of black hair and (as you can see from the picture below) a TOOTH! This picture was actually taken when she was just two weeks old right before she went to her first dentist visit.

007_7 Well on Friday, just 3 weeks shy of her 5th birthday, that little tooth popped right out!  Believe it or not Rebekah was not really resistant to having it pulled and in the end both she and I were shocked by how easy the whole process was!











She was so excited and even while shedding a few tears, after seeing some blood, she managed to keep a smile on her face!

Such a simple milestone, but for Mommy it came with a day of emotions. With that little tooth also went the last remnant of babyhood. My firstborn is all too quickly racing through each “big event” and I often feel like I didn’t have enough time to drink in every moment. :)


Tears of joy and relief! DSC_0544

“There’s a hole in my mouth!”


“Still looking good though…..”

So with the excitement of a tooth lost came the excitement of, of course, the tooth fairy! Bekah had heard tale of the mysterious “fairy” leaving money under pillows and couldn’t wait to experience the “magic” herself.  She carefully placed the tooth under the pillow and with excitement headed off to sleepy town. At one point in the night Josh went in to comfort Anna, who was restless, and Bekah  woke up just enough to feel under her pillow and say, in a drowsy manner……. “nope, still there.”  And then went right back to sleep.


Here she is in the morning to find a book and $2 under her pillow all tied with pretty ribbon. (The tooth fairy was at a conference that night where wonderful books were for sale and just happened to pick one up for Miss Rebekah. )



So a fun memory, a toothless grin,  two dollars and a very funny looking tooth in a ziploc all make me, once again, pause and say…….

time flies……………

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

“Cousins sure are fun, Mommy!”- Bekah

A couple days ago we got to go to one of our favorite places…..

Where else but Disneyland? But this day was special cause we got to go with cousins! :) Here are some of the pictures of our fun.


DSC_0519 Rebekah and Sammy….

DSC_0523 As part of Goofy’s house they have a toddler play yard. This is how I found Anna with the “leaky hose”.


 In THE END………

A great day was had by all! :)