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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and were able to spend time with someone you love.

Valentines Day Cards by howieluvzus.

Our day started off with breakfast and “valentine’s stockings”. I found these little felt bags at the 99cent store and was hoping to tie them on the back of the girls chairs with a few treats. However, they weren’t very sturdy but the idea has inspired my for yet another craft project to put on my list.

DSC_0564 The girls were pleased, despite my creative hopes being dashed.


DSC_0566 After breakfast, baths and clean up we headed out of the house for a day together. The girls received a little Valentine’s money from some loving relatives and so we went to Toys R’ Us to purchase more furniture for their doll house. Here they are in the car. Ready to go!

DSC_0575 Inspecting the goods.

DSC_0576 After the toy store, Josh finally got his fix of Peet’s  coffee. He has wanted it since San Francisco. We have one not far from our house, however it is not a “full retail store” meaning it has limited hours. We have attempted to go there twice and both times it has been closed. So today he finally got his coveted cup of  jo.


The rest of the day included….

a little shopping, a great lunch at Yard House, a stroll through Lowe’s and finally….. (this is the best part)……

an early bedtime for the kiddies ( 6:45!!! it’s true!) And then mommy and daddy ordered Sushi!! We ate sushi by candle light and watched….

I cannot tell you how surprised I was by this movie! I had my reservations but truly it was a movie worth watching and it was perfect for Valentine’s Day! This is a movie that shines light on the importance of marriage and the depth of the covenant entered into when we say “ I do”.  (Not exactly something glorified in modern day Hollywood.) Both Josh and I give it a thumbs up and it made for a great evening together.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Hope your day was as LOVELY as ours!

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  1. I have heard good things about this movie. Isnt it nice and surprising when you watch a movie/show that actually portrays marriage as God intended it, rather than a bunch of woman or men sitting around talking about how tired/angry/frustrated they are with their spouse?
    So glad your day was special...and PEETS is WAY better than STARBUCKS, so I see why Josh likes it!