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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just in time to PARTY!!!

The week began with a little distress over our cameras. This past weekend, BOTH stopped working. I of course had a mild panic attack thinking of Rebekah’s 5th birthday undocumented on film. (I rarely have a day without taking pictures, let alone a birthday!) Thankfully the people at Nikon were sympathetic to my situation. Even though they originally told me the repairs would take “approximately 6-10 days”, to my delight the camera was fixed and working wonderfully in ONLY TWO DAYS!!!


So we are now ready for the big birthday weekend and we kind of kicked things off last night with a friend’s birthday party. Rebekah’s friend Chelsea is just 2 days older than her.

It was at a place called PUMP-IT-UP. It is a huge warehouse with bounce houses all around. My girls LOVED it!

DSC_0636 Both were DRIPPING with perspiration by the end of the evening!



I am so glad to have our MAIN camera back in action and even though I may not be ready for Rebekah to turn “a whole hand”, I am definitely ready to take pictures every moment of the BIG DAY!

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