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Sunday, February 8, 2009

So much more than a tooth……..

A little Rebekah fact that some of you may not know, is that she was born with a tooth! I know it sounds strange, but it is true! I often joke that she came into the world about 5 months old. At 9lbs 5 oz, she had a full head of black hair and (as you can see from the picture below) a TOOTH! This picture was actually taken when she was just two weeks old right before she went to her first dentist visit.

007_7 Well on Friday, just 3 weeks shy of her 5th birthday, that little tooth popped right out!  Believe it or not Rebekah was not really resistant to having it pulled and in the end both she and I were shocked by how easy the whole process was!











She was so excited and even while shedding a few tears, after seeing some blood, she managed to keep a smile on her face!

Such a simple milestone, but for Mommy it came with a day of emotions. With that little tooth also went the last remnant of babyhood. My firstborn is all too quickly racing through each “big event” and I often feel like I didn’t have enough time to drink in every moment. :)


Tears of joy and relief! DSC_0544

“There’s a hole in my mouth!”


“Still looking good though…..”

So with the excitement of a tooth lost came the excitement of, of course, the tooth fairy! Bekah had heard tale of the mysterious “fairy” leaving money under pillows and couldn’t wait to experience the “magic” herself.  She carefully placed the tooth under the pillow and with excitement headed off to sleepy town. At one point in the night Josh went in to comfort Anna, who was restless, and Bekah  woke up just enough to feel under her pillow and say, in a drowsy manner……. “nope, still there.”  And then went right back to sleep.


Here she is in the morning to find a book and $2 under her pillow all tied with pretty ribbon. (The tooth fairy was at a conference that night where wonderful books were for sale and just happened to pick one up for Miss Rebekah. )



So a fun memory, a toothless grin,  two dollars and a very funny looking tooth in a ziploc all make me, once again, pause and say…….

time flies……………


  1. She is so sweet! Congratulations on this big milestone, to both of you!

  2. You made me cry!! Time does fly...I have four girls...my oldest is 8. I'm curious...did the pediatrician recommend having that tooth pulled when she was born? My sister's baby was born with 2 "natal" teeth and they pulled them. They told her they were extra teeth, but he never got any more until his permanent teeth grew in. He went through his entire young childhood with a big hole where his two front teeth should have been. I can't believe your daughter's lasted as long as it did. Congratulations to her!!