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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Watchin the years DRIVE by……

As we are just days away from Bekah turning 5, I am already in “reminisce mode”. And today we got one more reminder of how quickly time is racing by.

When I was pregnant with Rebekah we owned a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta. (Which I loved!)  After realizing that a car seat would not fit inside our fun little vehicle, let alone a stroller and other baby items, we decided t0 move up to the Passat Model.

Here I am in January 2004, (8 months pregnant) saying good bye to our Jetta right after we signed the papers for our new “family car”.


Five years later we are a minivan family and today we said good bye to our Passat. While this car has made us swear to NEVER again own a Volkswagen we are still a little sad to see it go. It was our first “family vehicle”. It was the car we first brought our Rebekah home in. It was packed full when we moved from our townhouse to our current home. It has been keyed! :) Needless to say…it holds a lot of memories. 

Of course I had to take Rebekah’s picture in front of it. 


There is no doubting we are, indeed, happy to see all those little repairs (that were nickel and diming us) drive right out of sight. But we are also a little sad to see a special memento speed off into the distance.

So while there is an element of GOOD RIDDENS! going through my mind, I still have to respectfully say…

Good bye dear German friend. God’s Speed!

or maybe I should say Auf Wiedersehen!  




  1. I am kinda with you....having moments of sadness and emotions....

  2. you're not alone...while i was so anxious to get rid of my civic and get into my new SUV when the baby came, once it was actually gone i had a twinge of sadness, at least you said goodbye! ;)