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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can’t wait to try it!

I think I have mentioned that my new “hobby” of sorts is making meals in bulk and freezing them. It has encouraged me to try new things and think in “healthier” terms as to what I am making for my family. Because I am cooking when I have time or make time I am much more conscientious about what I prepare. Those last minute meals 20 minutes before supper time just don’t always have as much nutritional “balance” as they probably should.( Not to say that I don’t still have those last minute, throw together dinners. They are just not as often. Believe me we partake in our share of Kraft Macaroni.)

  I am so excited about this book I recently ordered from Amazon and I can’t wait to just go down the list of recipes. For being a new-be to the freezer way of life I was happy to find out that this book has all the simple rules of how to best freeze food. And it also has all the measurements provided if you want to double, triple or quadruple a meal. It tells you all about how long things last in the freezer and it is just a great “how-to” guide.  There is a second book coming out in April which I already have preordered. It is fun to find things that make you happy and right now this makes me happy.


Happy cooking all! I will be sure to post any recipes that just WOW us! :)

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  1. please share, Em! I loathe cooking and only do it because my people must eat to live.

    Freezer meals that I can pull out on "those days" would be a God send!