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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A clean day gone dirty!

This is for all you stay at home moms…….

Ever feel like your every accomplishment is being erased? Ever feel like cleaning up is pointless because it will only need to be “re-cleaned” in a matter of minutes?

I certainly do! And  have captured on photo how a perfectly clean day can go completely dirty!

Approximately 10:15 am yesterday:

The girls, bathed, groomed, fed and content, play with their dollhouse for an hour or so of peace.

DSC_1067 A moment of harmony.


And then……

approximately 5:45 pm

The girls go outside while mommy fixes dinner. I come out to find this………….


They obviously decided to take a mud bath, and then plaster random items in the backyard with  mud.


So back to the bathing, grooming, feeding, and restoring peace. This is what I do. :)

For all you moms a little prayer:

 Lord, help us to find renewed and refreshed motivation in you daily. Grace us with reasons to smile. And moment by moment shine your revealing light on the many reasons (great and small) for which you have called us to this …

“mission  of motherhood.”



  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!! Did you scream a little?

  2. Story of my life! I am so glad that it is all kids and not just mine! :)