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Friday, March 13, 2009

A day with Grandpa.

Since it was my dad’s birthday yesterday, the girls and I joined him at “The Magic Kingdom” for a few hours in the afternoon. This “get in free on your birthday” deal has allowed us to have a lot of people go with us to Disneyland. It’s been fun!

Our day with grandpa was great! And Bekah got to try some “big girl rides” that she doesn’t usually get to go on when she is just with Mommy and Anna. She is now a “rollercoaster” fan. Seeing as her idea of a rollercoaster is “big thunder mountain” and “star tours”, I am not sure she’ll register for any thrill seeker clubs just yet. :) She, DID, however get in line (willingly) to go on Space Mountain, but was given a relieving pass out of it when the ride had technical difficulties. 


IMG_8170 Grandpa and Bekah on Big Thunder Mountain.

IMG_8171 Grandpa and Anna on the Carousel. Anna is trying not to smile.



And a final picture to document the day.

Happy Birthday Grandpa! We LOVED helping you celebrate your special day and we LOVE you!

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